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Misdemeanor doesn't directly translate to "minor"

Did you perform criminal mischief with friends of yours on Halloween night? This kind of thing happens to people, you get caught up in the entertainment and lost your reason as the night went on. You may have to pay the price for that fun, but we'll make sure that you're properly cared for in the courtroom.

Things happen. Good people get put in extremely difficult circumstances which force them to do things they'd rather not. It's a tale as old as time, but you can add a new ending to this difficult story: work with June Bules Law Office and make certain that your unfortunate story isn't the only story you have to tell.

Check deception and shoplifting?

Drinking alcohol on an open street isn't going to put you into jail, but it could get you an unfortunate misdemeanor charge that will certainly ruin your plans for the evening. Prepare for unfortunate mishaps and feel defended against misdemeanors.

Misdemeanor drug and alcohol charges

Misdemeanors can pile up, and if you can't afford representation, we can put together a payment plan.

Get solid representation to ensure a fair, honest trial. Call today.